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Duncan Curtis - Broadcast & Web Lighting, Director & Cameraman


I have over 18 years experience as a broadcast lighting cameraman and ten years as a business and corporate production director./producer specialising in website and business video production.


I am skilled in the use of all broadcast and professional cameras, large format cameras, studio and location lighting and also skilled in the use of Final Cut Pro X.


Having studied Television Production in Northumberland I have worked with many of the UK broadcasters and independent production companies, work which has taken me around the world filming for documentaries, arts and music, on air promotions, entertainment, current affairs and multi camera live events.


In the corporate sector my clients have included leading companies such as Airbus, G.E., Royal Navy Training and more.


With the many years of professional experience, knowledge, skill, creativity and a strong passion for what I do, I am in a perfect position to produce videos tailored to individual businesses.


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