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If you are a producer, you know your game - no doubt you're at the top of it. But keeping up with changes in your area of speciality is hard enough without having to keep up with the ever changing face of content distribution and licensing rights.


This is where Serendipity comes in. With many decades of experience which keep our feet firmly on the ground, we make sure that we keep up with future trends - near and far, having in depth knowledge of the key territories in the broadcast marketplace, we are able to quickly assess, pitch and place your content for you so that your creation can really take flight.


Having well established contacts with all broadcasters means that when we call, they listen. And because we are about the long term, we always strive to structure deals that are strategic and with longevity - that is to say that the broadcasters will come back to us for more. And therefore back to you too.


Which leaves you doing what you do best. Producing the content that we know and love to watch.


There are a number of ways we can work together - whether it's consulting or 'agenting', contact us now to find out how Serendipity can help you fly:

Helping you put your best foot forward...

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